About Us

At Marston Wealth Management our clients are part of our family, as our relationship and trust build over years.

Our estate planning service has been developed over time to meet our clients wants, needs, goals and objectives.

We work as a team and this allows for good communication and provides an unparalled level of service which is second to none.

We take extreme care of our clients during;

  • Face to Face meetings
  • Home visits
  • Signing and witnessing
  • Safe and secure storage
  • Or just a general chat

Services for Individuals

Marston Wealth Management supports individuals in estate planning.

  1. Why do you need a will?
  2. The importance of a estate planning
  3. Inheritance tax and family agreements
  4. Start the process of talking

Please do go to our videos these hold some good information.

A complete list of services are on our home page under Service+ section.

Give us a call to discuss – 0330 223 2654

Services for Businesses

Marston Wealth Management supports business owners in areas of importance;

  1. Why do you need a will to cover your business?
  2. The importance of a business wills and succession planning.
  3. Inheritance tax and business agreements.
  4. Advice to employee’s

Our advantage is we have 35 plus year’s experience of working within large and small business at different levels and understand business issues fully.

Give us a call to discuss – 0330 223 2654

Compliance Statement

Marston Wealth Management as a society member, we use these 10 principles, as expanded by the Society’s of Will Writers Code of Practice and reinforced by our individual Membership Terms of Business represent the protection the consumer/client can expect when using a Society Member in the preparation of their legal documents:

  1. A Member must act with integrity
  2. A Member must conduct his or her business with due skill, care and diligence
  3. A Member must observe proper standards when marketing his or her business to the general public
  4. A Member must pay due regard to the interests of his or her client and treat them fairly
  5. A member must communicate information to his or her client in a way that is clear fair and not misleading
  6. A Member must not create a conflict of interest between himself and his or her client
  7. A Member must take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of any advice given to his or her client
  8. A Member must ensure that any assets that he or she holds on behalf of a client are fully protected
  9. A Member must practice equality and respect diversity
  10. A Member must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements including full observance of the Society of Will Writers Code of Practice
Code Compliant

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